How can I help


Make small changes

Reduce  plastic waste.  Straws, plastic bottles and containers are choking our oceans.  By saying no to a straw or taking a reusable container on your next trip out to dinner you can help reduce ocean pollution.


Turtles dig the dark

Nesting sea turtles and hatchlings need dark beaches to safely navigate to the ocean.   Artificial lighting from any source can disorient turtles causing them to crawl to houses or streets instead of the water.  Turtle-friendly lighting options are available or just turn off the lights May -October during nesting season. 


Leave beach clean and flat

After a day at the beach fill in all holes and knock down sand castles making it safer for sea turtles traveling to and from the ocean.  Additionally, remove all furniture from the beach  to avoid entanglement and injury or simply to obstruct a nesting female.